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10 Benefits Of Having An Online Business Mentor

10 Benefits Of Having An Online Business Mentor
Copyright 2008 © Cynthia Minnaar

Perhaps it is due to the fact that the internet makes it so easy for anyone to start an online business, that many people assume then that it is just as easy to start making money online and decide to go it alone without joining an online business mentoring program.

There is a huge difference between starting an online business and turning it into a profitable online venture. Having an online business mentor could mean the difference between success and failure.

Unfortunately, a huge percentage of people never do make a success of their online ventures simply because they are unaware at the outset of what it actually takes to build a profitable business online.

Here are just 10 of the numerous benefits of what an online business mentor can do for you:

1. Working on the internet can be a lonely experience so just having someone you can contact for advice, who you know has your interests at heart, is very comforting.

2. Having someone advise you on how to select the most appropriate keywords for your website and show you how to optimize your site for the search engines will result in your site receiving more targeted traffic due to higher search engine positions.

3. Being given the exact methods on how to successfully build quality back links and drive targeted traffic to your website will save you a great deal.

4. Receiving guidance on what internet marketing methods work and how to implement them can save you a fortune in time and money and help you build a profitable online business in a shorter period of time.

5. Having someone with experience who is prepared to critique your website or landing page can offer very sound advice that could increase your conversion rate.

6. An online business mentor will be able to direct to you many free resources online which will save you purchasing e-books and software.

7. Being guided on the important things that matter, but are often overlooked, such as adding a stat counter to your website, using Google's Webmaster Tools, setting up a free Blog, getting started with Social Networking, etc., etc.

8. The ins and outs of article marketing, how to write articles and set up an author's resource box in html to gain back links and advice on how best to distribute your articles will set you on the fast road to success.

9. Receiving expert advice on how to set-up and make maximum use of your auto-responder will help build your opt-in list.

10. Help with html and the technical aspects of working online can save you loads of time and frustration.

Just by reading the 10 benefits of what an online business mentor can do for you will reveal that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order to build a successful online business.

About the Author:
Cynthia Minnaar owns her own online business. She is also one of the Online Business Mentors of the PIPS Power Group launched to assist Plug-in Profit Site members and the Affiliate Power Group, an online mentoring group. Discover the idea she turned into a reality to start an online home business and how she can help you succeed online.

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