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Low Cost Online Business Start Up Ideas

Low Cost Online Business Start Up Ideas
Copyright 2008 © Cynthia Minnaar

Many searchers on the internet are looking for free or low cost online business start up ideas. Starting an online business is certainly possible for those on a tight budget with very little money available.

Online business start up ideas abound on the internet and it is just a matter of doing some good research to find the low cost or free ways to get started, obtaining your products to sell and then applying the free internet marketing methods that work.

If one is prepared to put in the work an online business can be started and become profitable without spending much money at all. It is also not necessary to spend money to find information on the internet. It just requires time searching for sites, forums and articles that contain the information you require.

1. Let us first look at what you need to get started

A hosting company to host your website is very important and not something you want to skimp on. So a free host is not recommended.

An auto-responder is something else that is really important to enable you to capture the email addresses of the visitors to your website who subscribe to your newsletter. Auto-responders can be obtained free or on a monthly charge.

There are free templates available on the internet to enable you to start building a website and also free e-books on search engine optimization which will teach you how to optimize your site with your chosen keywords.

If you do not know any html or where to start when it comes to building websites, you could always start a blog. You can get a free one at blogger.com.

Some online opportunities offer you a website set-up free so that is another option to consider.

2. You then need some products or services to market on your website

You can sign up free for many of the affiliate programs and start marketing their products on your website. Often if you upgrade you will be paid a higher commission as well as get paid for introducing other affiliates to the program. While you build momentum to your site there is no need to actually upgrade until the money starts coming in.

Clickbank has got thousands of products to choose from that you can market without having to pay out a single cent.

The lead generation programs, which cost nothing to join, offer a variety of programs that you can promote and they pay you a few dollars for leads generated from the links you place on your site.

3. Now it is time to start marketing your website

Many of the most effective internet marketing methods are totally free.

Forum posting is free and a way to get yourself known. You can add a link to your website or blog in your signature file which is a great method of advertising as well as building backlinks to your site.

Blogging is free it just takes time like any other internet marketing method. Aim to add a comment to your own blog daily and comment on posts on other blogs too.

Submitting your site to the online directories is free, if you are prepared to do it manually. There are thousand of directories available and you just need to aim to submit to 10 a day.

Article marketing is a very effective way of marketing online and again if you are prepared to write your own articles and submit them to the article directories yourself it will not cost you a dime.

Social Networking is also free and a great way to drive traffic to your website.

4. It is now just a matter of getting started

If you are considering starting a business and have very little money to spend one can see from the above online business start-up ideas that it is totally possible to start, market and build a profitable business online without having to dig deep into your pocket every month.

About the Author:
Cynthia Minnaar works full-time online from home and invites you to visit her online business where she will share success ideas with you. Discover the low cost internet business start-up idea that turned into reality for her.