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Mentoring Tips for Building A Successful Online Affiliate Business

Mentoring Tips for Building A Successful Online Affiliate Business
Copyright 2008 © Cynthia Minnaar

Building an online affiliate business takes time and if you are sponsoring others affiliates into the programs you are promoting then here are some mentoring tips to get things rolling quicker.

Think back to when you first started working on the internet and how everything seemed so alien and different to what you were used to. This is exactly how new inexperienced affiliates will feel when they join your online affiliate business. Even the vocabulary used on the internet is not familiar to a lot of people.

Here are some online mentoring tips on how you can help your new affiliates and at the same time build your own successful online affiliate business:

Aim always to welcome your new affiliates and try and establish what level of internet experience they have so that you are in a better position to assist them.

Let them know you are always available to help them.

Using Skype can help tremendously. As an example, an auto-responder is not the easiest thing in the world to set up if you have no prior experience, so if you both have your browsers open on the same web page you can talk your new affiliate through the set up process.

Set up a Getting Started section on your blog with useful tips and hints such as ideas on setting up folders in their email client to file their emails, as well as in their Favorites to save the regularly used urls, tips on staying organized, time management tips, etc.

Show them how they can set up a blog and start the social networking train.

A training newsletter sent out regularly from your auto-responder is another easy and useful way to provide your recruits with information that they need to get their online affiliate business up and running successfully.

Direct them to useful links to help them learn so that they do not waste valuable time searching for information. For example: a step by step guide to learning html, how to open a Google Webmaster Account, how to make a sitemap, how to create an author’s resource box, how to set up a forum signature, how to add a stat counter to their site.

Provide them with resources for choosing their keywords and optimizing their website for the search engines.

Show them examples of articles you have written so that they can see how to optimize for their keywords and add a resource box.

Offer advice on how to submit their articles and give them a list of your favorite article directories to get started with.

Advise them to search for online directories to submit their website url to create more back links or suggest a directory submitter that they can use.

Show them how to create a lead capture page so they can also start building their list.

Share the internet marketing ideas and advertising methods that are working for you with your affiliates.

Pass on free e-books that have helped you build your business.

Should your new affiliates start recruiting when they do not have much experience themselves, offer to mentor their new recruits as well.

Mentor your affiliates and share your success tips, experience and knowledge. Keeping them a closely guarded secret will only hinder the growth of your own online affiliate business.

The more help you can give your new affiliates the more successful you will be with your own successful online affiliate business.

About the Author:
Cynthia Minnaar works full time from home and invites you to visit her online affiliate business where she will share success tips with you. Find out more about the affiliate business start-up idea that turned into reality for her.

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