As an affiliate marketer your job is to drive targeted traffic to a merchant’s website and make sales for them, which results in commission for you. There are many advantages to running an online affiliate marketing business compared to a traditional off-line business.

To help you determine whether an Online Affiliate Marketing Business is for you, let’s discuss six advantages of running an online affiliate marketing business compared to a traditional off-line business

1. For a start overheads and running costs are very much lower. To start and run a successful online affiliate marketing business from your own home you will only need a computer and Internet access. It is very clear that setting up an affiliate marketing business from home is extremely inexpensive to do when you compare that with the expenses involved in running a traditional business from a shop or an office. There will be no such thing as hiring employees, paying insurance or renting space for an office.

2. Keeping substantial stocks of the products that they sell is required by most traditional offline businesses. This will require you to rent space for storage, pay someone to unload the inventory and then stock the shelves plus cover other costs incurred. With an online affiliate marketing business the merchant ships everything to your customers for you, so you are not required to stock any inventory at all, which represents a huge cost saving for your business.

3. You can easily set up multiple businesses in various different niches as an affiliate marketer. Once one website is up and running and bringing in a regular income it will not require too much maintenance and you will be able to start another one. With a traditional business this is hard to do because you are generally locked into one theme for your business and the logistics required to diversify are much more complicated, making it much more difficult to expand.

4. A few traditional businesses manage to grow to a point where they are marketing on a worldwide scale, however most traditional businesses are local to their marketplace. As a successful online affiliate marketer you will attract customers from all over the world. Online affiliate marketing is a truly global business because wherever people can plug into the internet they will be able to purchase the products that you are offering.

5. As an affiliate marketer you can make an incredible amount of money. Today there are many people who have succeeded in earning a great deal of money in a short period of time as affiliate marketers selling products online. That kind of performance curve is very difficult to achieve with a traditional off-line business.

6. It really is an important factor that your online business is open 24/7 to make money for you. Most traditional off-line businesses only operate five or six days a week and run from nine to five. As an affiliate marketer your business is open seven days a week, all year round, it never closes.

These six advantages of running an online affiliate marketing business that have been discussed here show you why affiliate marketing is better than a traditional off-line business. If you want to start a new business on a shoestring budget then perhaps the online affiliate marketing business model will be worth looking into further.

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Cynthia Minnaar runs her own Online Affiliate Marketing Business. She invites you to discover the affiliate marketing business model she used to start an online business of her own that enables her to work full-time from home.

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