starting an affiliate marketing businessIf you have decided that starting an affiliate marketing business of your own is what you want to do then your first step is to commit yourself to getting rich slowly. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of making a huge amount of money immediately and bear in mind that shortcuts are for the short sighted.

Whilst you may make some money with cheap and easy scams and schemes, you will not build a sustainable affiliate marketing business with this short-term mentality. Forget about getting rich quickly and rather commit yourself to earning online the proper way, which involves doing three important things:

“Attracting Attention”

When first starting an affiliate marketing business forget about the money. It is attracting attention that is hard to come by on the internet. Whilst anyone can put something on the internet that may or may not take off, everyone has the opportunity to become very popular overnight, but due to the fact that it is so competitive, it is harder than ever to capture that attention. Bear in mind that you are not yet a big fish in a small pond, but one of the millions of blogs on the web. Attracting attention isn’t easy.

Don’t despair as there is a reliable, if not quite easy way to attract attention.

It is important to “Find Your Niche”

One of the most important parts of being successful with an affiliate marketing business is finding your niche. Whilst larges niches are profitable, often the smaller your niche the better, and your research must confirm that it can sustain what you do. Think about this for a moment – if marketing to a niche of a dozen people provides you with extra money at the end of the month, then go for it, as it is a lot easier to please a dozen people than it is to keep a market of tens of thousands of people happy.

You need to “Build Trust”

Go the extra mile by making big promises and keeping them. If you want to build a successful affiliate marketing business for yourself, then make big promises and keep them, and always over-deliver when you can. Your reputation as a trusted source of products or information is very important. Just going back to that example of a small niche, imagine what would happen if you break a promise to just one of those twelve customers. You are likely to lose not just one customer but all twelve because news travels fast on the internet.

Take it as a given that everything you do, whether good or bad, is going to be shared with everyone to whom it is relevant. Try and treat every customer like your favorite customer. If you keep your promises your reputation as an honest and reliable person will spread.

If you want to make money by starting an affiliate marketing business on your own terms then there is such a thing as luck, but the only means of building a sustainable business in the long run is getting rich slowly. The shortcuts will only get you so far.

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