Learn affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is a very popular way for people to make money from selling other people’s product or service online.  It does sound easy and although affiliate marketing is not rocket science, you will need to work, be dedicated and have patience.

Many people find it intriguing to think that they can actually make money by selling someone else’s product without even leaving their house. It is a very competitive field and to be successful you will need to invest time, effort and some money. 

Here are 3 affiliate marketing tips for beginners to help you get a head start.

Your first step is to choose a commercially viable product to sell. It is not particularly hard to do this but keep in mind that you have thousands of products and services to choose from. Whilst some are good there are others that are not so good.  It is important then to have a list of criteria that your product must meet.

A good place to get started with affiliate marketing is Clickbank, which is an extremely popular site that also offers many affiliate marketing tips. There are statistics available which tell you how well a product or service is doing although some people feel that these stats are not totally reliable.

However if you find a product that you like and one that has a good “gravity” and “popularity” measurement, you could contact the owner of the product and ask them to show you some sort of proof of sales and conversions. Any merchant worth his salt will be happy to provide you with these details.

The second affiliate marketing tip for beginners, which is often overlooked, has to do with traffic testing and tracking. There are many ways to get traffic to your affiliate offer but how do you know which one to choose? It is a matter of trying one method for a while to see how that works, or try a few at a time and compare them with each other. Once you find some that are clearly outperforming others, then invest more of your time, effort and money into those and drop the others.

The last of the three affiliate marketing tips for beginners takes a look at the support that you can offer your customers. Implementing this tip can put you streaks ahead of your competition.

When selling a product, whether it is yours or not, be prepared to answer questions about that product. This is one of the factors that will separate you from other affiliates who are not answering questions. In order to be able to answer questions knowledgably will probably mean that you will have to actually purchase the product rather than just promoting it blindly, without knowing its real advantages, features and benefits, positives and negatives, etc. If you have followed the first two tips above then your investment in the product will be worthwhile.

Implementing these three affiliate marketing tips for beginners will distinguish you from the other affiliate marketers in the business today.

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