How to advertise affiliate programsOne thing that affiliate marketers face is the problem of how to advertise affiliate programs once they have joined them. In this article we will discuss 8 methods you could do one or more of to promote your affiliate programs online.

1. Buy a domain name and redirect it. This will come in handy no matter which of the following ways to advertise the affiliate program you choose.

When you purchase a domain name you can pick the keyword phrases that relate to the product or program you are promoting. This also looks more professional than promoting the long affiliate link that the merchant provides you with when you join the program.

2. Write and submit articles. In the resource box include a link back to your affiliate sales page. 

Use the keyword phrase or domain name that you just purchased in the resource box. The more articles you get online the more traffic you can get to your affiliate program.

3. Blog. Write blog articles and include links to your affiliate products in the articles themselves. Whenever people click on your website URL, and make a purchase, you make money.

4. Place banner ads. Affiliate programs have banners that are coded with your ID number. You can run these banner ads on your own websites or blogs, or advertise on other people’s websites.

You can even create your own banner ads and promote them. If you do not know how to do this you can order it done inexpensively on sites such as

5. Text link ads. Include keyword phrases on the sidebar of your blog. You can also purchase text link ads at Text Link Brokers and other text link sales sites.

6. Discussion forums. Join these and set up a signature file. Link back to your affiliate programs so people can see what you are offering.

Participate in the discussions and build up a reputation as somebody who knows what they are doing. When people click on your links this is very targeted traffic.

7. Ezine ads. Run classified ads in other people’s email advertising. Purchase multiple advertising from websites such as HBAds or Ezine King. This is a great way to do email marketing without having your own list.

8. Start your own affiliate marketing business by getting a ready made website such as the Plug-in Profit Site.  You just need to join the affiliate programs and then your affiliate id’s will be embedded into the site.  The site is set up free and is fully customizable giving you the freedom to add more affiliate programs or delete those you no longer wish to promote.

These are 8 ideas on how to advertise affiliate programs. You will find many free advertising methods available to you online. You can also spend a little bit of money and promote your affiliate products doing paid advertising as well.

Plug-in Profit Site

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