making money with affiliate marketingThere are numerous ways of making money with affiliate marketing.  In this article we will take a look at four methods that affiliate marketers are using today.

1.  One of the best ways affiliate marketing earns money is through list building. I am sure you have heard the expression “the money is in the list”.  When a list of email contacts is built, then products can be marketed to the subscribers. List building can be done in numerous ways and one of the best is to offer a free product to an individual in exchange for their name and email address, which they will enter into a form on a website.

2.  Another way to make money with affiliate marketing is by writing product reviews and submitting them to various article directories.  You increase your chances of driving large amounts of traffic to affiliate sites when reviews are submitted to multiple article directories.

3.  Video marketing is another way that many people are making money from their affiliate links. By creating a video about a product they are promoting, they can drive up sales. With the affiliate link embedded into a positive video review, people can purchase the product by following that link. Your chances of making sales and earning more are increased as more people view the video.

4.  Placing affiliate links on profiles of social networking sites is another tactic for increased earnings. All you need to do here is to place the link on the profile page, then announce to the world that it is there and sit back and let people visit the affiliate link. This gives the affiliate marketer a greater possibility of making more money from the products they are promoting.

The above are just four of the most common and numerous ways that people are effectively making money with affiliate marketing. With a little effort you can give any or all of these methods a try, and it might just result in more affiliate sales for you. This information is intended to help increase the amount of money that can be made by affiliate marketers.

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