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Many people are making money today using affiliate marketing.  There are several exciting reasons for this!   So let’s look at a few ideas on how you can earn extra money online as an affiliate marketer.

1. Join Google Adsense and get paid by the click. This is perhaps the easiest way to earn extra money online with affiliate marketing.

No doubt you have come across websites with Google ads on them. Every time you click on one of these ads the website owner makes money from Google. 

Getting set up with this program is not hard to do. Google does have specific rules you need to follow in terms of the types of ads and how you present them online.

A quick way to be approved for their program is to start a blog at Blogger.com. Google owns this blogging platform and makes it very easy to place ads on your blog. Once you are approved you will get a publisher ID number that allows you to choose ads to put on any website or blog you own.

2. Join a cost per action network. Commission Junction is one of the best sources for this. They have thousands of publishers that you can get paid to get your website visitors to perform a specific action.

Some of these are simple as getting a name and email address from your visitor. The publishers provide you with various ads such as landing pages, text links, banners, and so on.

Your job is to promote these marketing materials and get your website visitor to fill out a short form. You are not asking your visitor to purchase anything, and you can earn a tremendous amount of money the more of these actions that are completed.

3. Sell digital information. ClickBank has thousands of ebooks and other products you can immediately begin selling after you join their affiliate program. This is free to do.

You are given an ID number that you can insert into any URL in the ClickBank system. You make money whenever a person purchases of product. Amazon reports that digital sales now outperform hard copy books so there is a real opportunity to make money selling digital information.

4. Join an affiliate program and sell products. People are spending billions of dollars online every day and this gives you the opportunity to make money selling products. Virtually anything you can think of probably has an affiliate program you can join and earn extra money online selling.

These are several ideas on how to earn extra money online as an affiliate marketer. As you can see there are many exciting opportunities awaiting you.

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