Starting an internet affiliate marketing business is a great way to make extra money. Affiliate marketing has become very popular with online opportunity seekers because it has a very simple premise: Market and sell other people’s products and earn a good commission for doing so.

As an affiliate marketer you are basically a middle man. Your job is to help the buyer find the seller and vice versa. You do this by employing several different marketing and promotional strategies to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

The commissions you can earn vary from product type to product type. Companies that depend on the internet as their only sales outlet typically pay a high percentage rate (50% to 80%). Traditional companies such as WalMart also have an affiliate program but commission rates are much lower (5% to 20%).

You can do this without even having your own website or having to handle and ship the products. In fact as the affiliate you don’t have any customer contact whatsoever. You just promote the products and once the sale is made you automatically get paid.

However it is to your benefit to have your own website for your internet affiliate marketing business. The benefits for doing so are huge and are what separates those who make fortunes online from those who make a modest second income.

Here’s why. As an affiliate marketer you are provided with special affiliate links for products you promote. When potential buyers click on that link they are sent to the affiliate company to purchase the product. You are paid if they purchase a product due to your affiliate link.

But you will probably never have contact with those customers again. Meaning you can’t follow up and promote other products directly to them. The most successful affiliate marketers make sure they get repeat business by getting valuable information from each of these customers.

They do that by sending potential buyers to their own website first before redirecting them to the affiliate program to buy the product. Once at their site they have the visitor fill out an online “subscription form” which gives the affiliate marketer information such as the visitors name and email.

The customer is then directed on to the affiliate company to purchase the product. BUT the affiliate marketer now has valuable information that allows him to begin to directly promote other products to all of those on the email list.

The bigger the list the better your chances are for follow up sales. Millionaires have been made this way. Instead of just getting commission from one sale per customer you set yourself up to get lifetime commissions from sales of various products per customer.

An internet affiliate marketing business offers you a chance for immediate income and the potential to create a lifetime of income from each customer.

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