Getting started selling products online is not that difficult. In fact you do not even have to create or develop your own product because affiliate marketing is a strategy whereby you sell other people’s products.

As an affiliate marketer you are the middleman between a buyer and a seller. Pre-selling products and delivering warm buyers to the seller’s home page is your job.

An art that not everyone has mastered is pre-selling. Don’t be misled by the continual onslaught of advertising that makes you assume that in order to sell products online you have to just sell. You are far better off providing a good user experience to your visitors and then making softball recommendations to people who have come to trust you.

Let’s say for example you want to sell an e-book on planning a wedding on a budget. You could start off by creating a blog about your own wedding. Then you could post on your blog about the trials and tribulations of mother in law interference, details of the diet you went on so you could fit into the wedding dress, how you your florist cancelled at the last minute.

From time to time in your blog posts mention just how much good advice you’re getting from an e-book you bought which has helped you to plan your wedding on a budget and include a link to the wedding book with your affiliate code imbedded into it.

Offering a free report on your blog in exchange for their email address is another way to pre-sell to your visitors plus you can put affiliate links for a few related products in the report.

Once you have their email address then you can continue to promote products to your list. You can do this in two ways:

1. Offer a series of emails offering useful advice and have an inconspicuous link to an affiliate product at the end of each email.

2. Send stand alone advertisements to your list from time to time. Even in email marketing do not just sell, rather continually deliver good value to the customer.

The opportunities for the type of products available abound if you want to sell products online.

– You can find physical products by looking at major networks like Sharesale, Commission Junction and Linkshare and Clickbank is the major provider for digital products.

– Or you can look at large stores such as Amazon that offer a variety of products to promote and set up an account directly with them.

– Another way to find products is to type in your niche related keyword phrase plus the phrase “affiliate product” into a search engine and the results will reveal affiliate programs in your niche.

Now you can start selling products online using affiliate marketing strategies.

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