Should You Start Internet Affiliate Marketing With Or Without A Website?

Affiliate marketing is an easy and very popular way to get started on the internet mainly because you do not need to create a product of your own and you are provided with an affiliate website. However, is this enough or should you have your own website and start an online affiliate home business of your own?

When one is provided with a product as well as the promotional tools it is no wonder that affiliate marketing has become such a popular way to get started on the internet.

Once you sign up as an affiliate you are usually given an affiliate website but one has to question whether this is sufficient to start and build a successful affiliate marketing business on the internet.

You are more likely to achieve success in affiliate marketing on the internet by starting your own website due to the fact that you cannot make any changes to an affiliate website in order to optimize it for the search engines to gain organic traffic.

There are so many advantages to having your own website such as being able to pre-sell the products on your website by showcasing them with your own reviews, which is a highly effective way of selling. There are several ways that are open to you if you want to do affiliate marketing without your own website if building and running a website does not appeal to you. Here are some ideas.

Email marketing is something you can do without having an affiliate website of your own. You would direct your leads straight to your affiliate sales page from your affiliate links in the email message if you choose this method.

Another way is to set up an auto-responder with a series of prewritten messages about the product you are promoting, purchase leads and import them directly into your auto-responder and promote your auto-responder email address.

A link in your signature in the online forums, starting a blog and posting it there or using article marketing are some ways to promote your auto-responder email address.

If you are feeling creative you can write an e-book. Choose a specific theme and provide useful information and include your affiliate links throughout the e-book to generate sales. You want to write an e-book that is going to be read so stay focused on your theme and provide 20-30 pages of attention-grabbing reading as opposed to writing many pages of boring filler.

Do make sure you read the guidelines before posting in forums, specifically those relating to your signature, as many do not allow affiliate links. However, they do allow you to place a link to a blog or website. You could always start a free blog at if you do not want to run your own website.

Reviews are very popular so you could write and post one on your blog giving the benefits and features of the product along with your affiliate link and image of the product. You could also provide a sign-up form for your auto-responder. Then participate in relevant forums and provide the web address to your blog post in your forum signature.

Another very effective way to do affiliate marketing is article marketing, where you can add a link to your affiliate page or your blog post in the resource box. Again be sure to check the article submission guidelines as some directories do not allow affiliate links. Surfers who find your article informative and interesting will click on the links in the resource box to your affiliate page or blog post.

Although there are various ways to do affiliate marketing on the internet without a website the best way is to start an online affiliate home business with your own website. However, if that is not something you feel comfortable with then you can promote your affiliate links in the ways suggested above.

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