Earn money at home onlineThere really is no excuse for anyone to not be making money as there are so many different ways to earn money at home online.

 I enjoy success with the affiliate marketing business model so here we are going to look at five ways you can use affiliate marketing to earn money at home online.

1. Sign up for a Google Adsense account. Google’s pay per click affiliate program pays out hundreds of millions of dollars a year in commissions and people all over the world make money as a Google affiliate.

Google provide tutorials on how to put their ads on any website or blog. As your website visitors do not have to purchase anything this is an easy way to earn money. When your website visitors click on one of the ads showing on your site you are paid a commission.

2. Sign up for a ClickBank account as they are the largest digital information affiliate program.

ClickBank is free to join and with one ID number you can promote thousands of products in multiple categories. As people are purchasing digital information at record numbers this is a great affiliate program to belong to. 

3. Sign up for an Amazon account. Amazon offer an affiliate program to sell a huge variety of products online. As they are the largest online retailer in the United States you will find plenty of options when looking for products to add to your Internet business to sell.

4. It is very important that you host your own blogs. This is because it is the only way you will have full control over everything that happens on your blog. Hosting your blog for free on platforms such as Blogger (which is owned by Google) can be dangerous, as your blog can be deleted by Google at any time 

Blogs are very versatile and you can set up your blog so it looks just like a static website.  The best blogging platform is WordPress.  It is easy to work with and adding various affiliate programs to a WordPress blog is also easy to do.

5. Start Auto Blogging, which allows you to set up numerous blogs and increase the amount of money you make. In a nutshell Auto blogging is a way to get content onto your blog without micromanaging everything that happens on a daily basis.

You can make a little bit of money with one blog. However, the secret to making a lot of money is to increase the number of blogs you manager rather than trying to sell more on one blog.

Another way to earn money online at home is to outsource as much of your Internet business as possible. You can outsource whatever you cannot automate which will allow you to become more effective in how you spend your time. Then once your income increases you will be able to work less and enjoy your profits more!

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