article marketing successThese article writing tips are designed to help beginners achieve article marketing success.  For many, article writing and marketing appears to be a very daunting task so this article aims to show you that if you take it step by step it is quite simple.

Today, articles and blogs are very necessary for search engine indexing. At times we all hate article and blog writing.  Some even dread the thought of having to write articles and some have referred to them as a necessary evil!

But let me assure you that once you start it does get easier.  It is just a matter of getting started and once you have come up with a theme or subject to write about then blog and article writing goes pretty smoothly.

It is important that you get started, so pick a subject that you know something about.  You could even choose to write about something you have just learnt.  Once you do that you will find the ideas just flow. Never assume everyone knows what you know, because they don’t.

Once you have chosen your subject, use the Google Keyword Tool to find a suitable keyword phrase for your article.  Add your keyword phrase in the title, and 2 or 3 times in your article.  Choosing a keyword phrase that has just 200 – 500 searches a month will make it much easier to get a high ranking in the search engines.  Whilst this is not a lot of searches, think of how much traffic you will get if you repeat this process over and over.

Your articles don’t have to be perfect.  However, you do need to ensure that the information is accurate and the grammar and spelling is correct.  Your article does not need to contain a lot of detail nor be too long.

You’ll find that most publishers are happy with a 500 word article, some will accept 400 words.  A blog article can be shorter and you can add images and embed links into the article.  This is not the case though for articles submitted to publishers, where very few will allow images or embedded links.

It is best to prepare your articles in a text editor, e.g. Notepad.  This is because if you use Word when you paste the article into the publisher’s submission form errors can occur.

On completion of your article or Blog, run it through a good spell checker and a good grammar checker such as you’ll find in Microsoft Word.  Remember though not to use the MS Word copy for publication of your article.  Rather use it’s suggestions to make any necessary corrections to your plain text copy in Notepad.

With these article writing tips, time and practice you will find that your Blog and Article writing skills become easier.

Now it is time to publish and announce your new article on your blog.  You may want to use some automatic tools to publish and announce it.  Search for Blog announcers and RSS announcers and use them to get your Blog noticed.

Then you want to submit your article to the free article directories.  This you can do manually, one at a time, which is very time consuming or you could use an article distribution service such as Submit Your Article to distribute your article to hundreds of directories for you.

Now you have to be patient.  Some article directories will approve articles in 24 to 48 hours, others will take weeks so never put a date on your article.

Don’t be surprised if you receive an email advising you that your article has been rejected.  This happens to all of us at one time or another and do not take it personally. If it is one of the high PR directories it may be worth your while logging and making the necessary changes, otherwise don’t worry about it.  It is very important that you just move on and keep writing and submitting articles. 

Don’t be like most beginners who write one article and give up.  Once you see that more and more of your articles are getting accepted and driving visitors to your website, whilst at the same time creating those all important back links you will be encouraged to keep writing.

Whenever you come up with a thought or idea for an article, jot it down so that you can transform it into an article later. A great place to find ideas for articles is in forums, as you can see the latest topics being discussed and what information people are looking for.

If you follow the above article writing tips, write and submit consistently and it will not be long before you start seeing positive results and achieve article marketing success.

You’ll find more article writing tips in my blog article entitled:  Article Marketing Made Easy: Article Writing and Marketing Tips

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