Article marketing tipsOne of the best ways of promoting your website is by writing articles.  Distributing your articles gives you the chance to seriously increase the amount of back links to your website.

Here are some article writing tips on how to write quality articles so as to make the biggest impression and to get the maximum impact.

> Create a catchy title

The title of your article is going to be the first thing that will determine whether the reader goes on to read your article.  So make it catchy and interesting and above all be sure it depicts what your article is about.

> Length of an article

Be sure that your article is not too long.  Ideally the reader should be able to read your article in three to five minutes.

> Be sure to keep it simple

Use every day language and not words that require a reader to use a dictionary to decipher the meaning!!  So keep it simple by using easy to understand text.

> Use short paragraphs

It is much easier to read an article that has short paragraphs, so keep them on average to about three to five lines.

> Use bullet points

Many readers will just scan an article and the use of bullet points makes this easier for the reader to find what they are looking for.

> Ensure your article is interesting to read

It is a good idea to try to write from the heart with a passion. Make it fun and keep the reader interested.

> Be sure to give the reader a reason to read the article

Provide your readers with lots of free advice and information which is likely to be useful, but don’t give them ALL the information, so that they have a reason to click on the link in your resource box to find out more.

> Create an interesting resource box

Tell the reader a little about yourself and give a reason why they should click on your link to find out more.

These are just a few article writing tips to help you write quality articles and to increase your chances of getting them read.

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