Review of Submit Your ArticleA question often asked is how do you submit articles to multiple directories?  Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to build back links, increase search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website when it is done properly. 

The way to achieve good results with any online marketing method you choose to implement is by being consistent.  Article marketing is a long term marketing strategy that produces long lasting results. 

However, it does not just take one article to get these results. You need to consistently write and submit articles on a regular basis.

Once you have written your articles you then need to decide how you are going to distribute them online.   Are you going to submit your articles manually to a few directories or submit articles to multiple directories?  Are you going to submit the same article to every directory or are you going to make changes to it so that different versions are sent to each directory?

Some people may choose to manually submit their article to a number of article directories. Whilst this is very time consuming it is still very effective if you do it consistently.

Bear in mind that if you submit the same article to multiple directories the search engines are likely to filter out most of them in the search results.  Google especially is not going to display every identical article from different article directories. 

There are ways to overcome this problem. 

If you have the time you can rewrite your articles to produce different versions.

There are article spinners available that you can use to spin different versions of your article.  You need to find a high quality one though otherwise your article can be reproduced in such a way that it does not make sense at all.  You don’t want to jeopardize your reputation as an expert in your field by distributing low quality versions of your articles.

There are automated online article distribution services that will submit articles to multiple directories for you, but these will usually submit the same version of your article to each directory.

SubmitYourArticle, a high quality automated online article distribution service, has an Article Leverage option which enables you to enter different versions of your title, paragraphs, sentences and resource boxes. This means that each article directory that they submit to in their network receives a different version of your article.

In summary, these are three options available to you to submit your articles to multiple directories.  If you have the time you can do it manually.  Or, you can choose an online service that will submit the same article to different directories.  Or, to really get the most out of your article marketing, you can use a service such as SubmitYourArticle which will submit a different version of your article to each directory – you can get all the details in my SubmitYourArticle Review.

Review of Submit Your Article

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