Backlinks can come to you in various ways. One of the most popular ways is to do article marketing. It is interesting that you can utilize articles in other ways beyond just submitting them to article directories.

Here are a few article marketing tips on ways you can increase your backlinks from articles beyond normal article submissions to online directories.

1. Free Traffic System. This is a unique program that lets you submit 450 word articles to up to 50 blogs in their system. They encourage the author to make the articles unique using article rewriting software, but that is not required.

After you submit the article into the system you are able to choose relevant blogs that it will be posted in. This way you are using your article to get backlinks from other blog owners that relate to the theme of your article.

Free traffic system

2. Article Video Robot. This is a fairly new program that allows you to turn your articles into online videos. You can then quickly submit those to online video sites such as You Tube, Viddler and others.

According to recent statistics people are now searching the Internet and landing on websites from videos over 50% of the time. This means that as an Internet marketer if you are not doing video marketing you are potentially missing up to half of all traffic.

The primary problem many Internet marketers face is they do not know how to create online videos. Article Video Robot makes it easy to paste in your article and turn it into a video in a matter of minutes.

It doesn’t take any technical knowledge, and you don’t even need a video camera. They even offer a program or you can take articles from and quickly convert those into a video. This makes sense because most article marketers have articles already in their EZA account.

Article Video Robot

3. Trade your articles with other article marketers who publish an online ezines. Many Internet marketers archive their online newsletters and getting your articles into those is a powerful way to get backlinks and drive search engine traffic.

4. Use your articles to create brand new web pages. Then do a reciprocal link trade with the web pages as opposed to just your home page. This is a form of deep linking your web pages and if you set them up correctly can increase your backlinks as well as the page rank of these targeted pages.

These are a few ideas on article marketing tips to dramatically increase your backlinks. The key is to develop backlinks in numerous ways and article marketing is one of them.

Generate Targeted Traffic

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