One thing for sure is that the power of article marketing remains constant whilst the internet moves forward at a remarkable pace.

The benefits of tapping into the power of article marketing are enormous. You can be rewarded with high page rankings from the search engines, which will result in free targeted traffic, plus free traffic from the article directories too, if you produce articles rich with keywords.

This article will provide you with five tips that are guaranteed to improve your article writing so that you can then experience the power of article marketing.

As with anything planning is important, so firstly start off by writing a long list of keywords for the niche that your online business is in. Spend time doing your research to build a list of quality keywords.

To put together a targeted list you can find keywords by using free keyword research tools available online such as Wordtracker and Google. Knowing what keywords to build your article around is the foundation for writing a good article.

Now we move onto the second and extremely important step in article writing which is the title. The more you practice the better your titles will become. To get some ideas have a look at the titles of some of the articles in the article directories.

When you see article titles that really catch your eye and make you want to read more jot them down or open Notepad on your computer and create a list of titles that will give you inspiration for future use. Be sure to have your keywords in your title to attract the attention of the search engines and word it so no searcher can resist clicking on the title to read more.

Thirdly, your first paragraph of your article is of utmost importance. Today, people speed read as time is short and precious and so this is your chance to capture their attention. Keep the paragraph short, but power-pack it with words which will make them want to read your entire article.

Fourthly, you will reap the rewards of focusing on writing the best article you can. If necessary, take the time to do some research. Your article does not have to be long, but rather precise and to the point. Instead of being long-winded make good use of your words.

Lastly, there are thousands of article directories on the internet but do not waste your time trying to submit to them all. Rather choose the best ones with a high Page Rank to submit your articles to. is the top article directory on the internet which gets a lot of traffic, so your article marketing results would improve if you consistently just submitted your articles to them. Alternatively, you could consider using an online article submission service such as which includes the option of having your article submitted to 6 top article directories including

To sum up then, you will see improved article marketing results if you take action on these five tips. Focus on writing good quality articles and be selective where you submit them and you will harness the power of article marketing and benefit for a long time to come.

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Cynthia Minnaar runs her own Online Home Business Ideas website full-time from home. She invites you gather more article marketing tips from her step-by-step internet marketing strategies guide.

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