The internet is not the only place that Article Marketing is used. It has been used for years in media publications, and it has shifted to the web making it very important in the digital age.

So why is article marketing so important? Not only does it enhance your online home business website with information and original content but creates quality backlinks that will increase the rankings of your website in the major search engines, which will result in targeted traffic.

You therefore increase your chances of people purchasing or signing-up from your website and you can target customers all over the world.

You can achieve this by simply selecting the right keywords in your articles which the search engines will pick up when someone decides to search for it.

You could also send your articles only to those that cater to it. You can do this by submitting to article directories, by uploading the article to your favorite online network or by submitting to article search engines free of charge.

Ask your friends who also have websites to post your articles on their site. The more exposure you get for your online home business the better chance you have of reaching a larger audience.

You can also create an e-Book containing your articles and give this away for free.

Also don’t forget the ezine sites, which also accept articles.

Article marketing is just one method that you can use to promote your site on the internet. You can market articles for free or pay a ghostwriter and submission service to do it for you, but it is a highly effective method and your articles stay around on the web for years.

Why is article marketing important? With just 300 to 500 words, you are able to talk to the reader on a more personal level better than what a banner or text ad can do. Plus people are looking for information and many times it is articles that provide what they are looking for.

You don’t have to be an expert writer to convey to the reader what your product is all about. By just explaining it simply in an article makes it easy for most to understand.

You may find it hard when you first start writing articles – but it will get easier. Think about what you would like to write about, jot down a few of the features or advantages and then write paragraphs around them. Add you keywords to your resources box hyperlinked to the page on your website.

Those searching for information online will type a keyword phrase into one of the search engines. If you want these searchers to find your site, you have to put yourself in their shoes and then provide factual information so you can be trusted. This is the essence of what makes article marketing is all about and why it is so important for anyone who wants to do business online.

Harness The Power Of Article Marketing is a free ebook that you are welcome to download if you are looking for some really sound advice on article marketing. Just click on the ebook image above for immediate download.

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