There are many people who avoid doing article marketing because either it all seems so overwhelming to them or they think it is something they just cannot do.

When I first started my online home business I avoided article marketing for the first four months because I really didn’t think I could write articles. It was only once I actually really pushed myself and started writing and submitting articles that my business started to make headway.

So here we will discuss an easy article marketing strategy in the hope that you too will overcome this hurdle.

The largest article directory in the world is with over 100,000 publishers/members. With an Alexa ranking of 167 it makes them one of the most visited websites on the internet.

Now does that sound like a place you should submit your articles to?

There are numerous benefits to submitting your articles to Ezine Articles but I like the fact they only require an article to be 250 words. This is great for beginners because anyone can write short articles and submit them to EZA. If you want to get serious you could really step it up and submit 5-10 a day.

It really is just a matter of choosing one main point you want to write about and sit down and do it. All you then have to do is submit the article to EZA and repeat the process over and over again.

Some people have the problem of not knowing what to write about. You can collect article ideas from emails you receive or forum posts you read and save them in a swipe file for future reference. By doing this you will never be short of new ideas to write about.

To add more ideas to your swipe file join and start following people in your niche. Just watch the tweets and write down ideas for articles from that.

If you write and submit 5-10 articles a day and get them submitted to think about the backlinks you will get.

Have you stopped to think about the traffic you can get from other publishers, readers, and search engines? The search engines love EZA and so will you once you get started.

Because most people are thinking about all of the directories to submit to this is a very easy and unique article marketing strategy most people fail to do. Sadly they really miss out because this causes them to abandon article marketing altogether.

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