One profitable strategy for building an Internet business is article marketing. If you write your own articles this is especially true. Here we take a look at five reasons you should write your own articles and how you can benefit from them.

1. The time it takes to write your own articles is the only cost to you. This is one free form of promotion that actually works and many internet marketers who are short of cash will benefit from this.

You certainly don’t have to write masterpieces either which is why anyone who takes the time to learn can write articles. A lot of the article directories offer training on how to write a good article. Learning how to write articles correctly is certainly a skill worth learning.

2. The main reason a lot of people write articles is to derive traffic from them. By submitting your article to the top article directories you have an opportunity to get traffic in a number of ways.

Many people visit the article directories to read the articles and learn from them. Also Ezine publishers frequent the article directories looking for content for their ezines. These two sources can give you an unbelievable amount of traffic to your website from the resource box in the article you have written.

3. Your articles will be picked up by the search engines as well. The chances are your website will not be spidered as quickly or as often as a large article directory will be.

Your articles will be ranked by the search engines based on the keywords they are written around. Depending on the number of searches being made for that keyword phrase, this gives you the opportunity to pick up hundreds or thousands of visitors.

4. Writing articles of your own is a great way brand yourself as an expert. After a while you become known as an expert on the theme you’re writing about which can give you more traffic and website visitors too.

5. Writing your own articles is a great way to generate traffic from a long-term standpoint. The minute you stop purchasing paid advertising you will no longer benefit from it. But, well-written articles can continue to drive traffic for many years after the article was originally written.

You have a unique voice and the style you write in will be all your own. In terms of traffic and ultimately in the profits they create these five reasons for writing your own articles can benefit your Internet business. It is not difficult to do and something I highly recommend.

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