results from bloggingWe are living in an age when we expect instant results.  The same applies to most of us when we first launch a blog and start adding content on a regular basis.  We expect to start seeing results from blogging immediately.  We expect to receive visitors and making sales within a few days.  Like a lot of things online it takes work, time and patience.

Be honest: As a content marketer, you’re maintaining an existence that relies on instant gratification in order to gain fulfillment.

Much like the hopeful gym-goer denouncing their workout after the scale showed no weight loss after one day, business bloggers are also often restless.

“Where’s all the dang traffic?”

It becomes easy to doubt the value of blogging when you’re not seeing results quickly. In fact, very few have the patience and foresight required to persevere those lean days often associated with launching a blog.

However, much like a solid workout plan, persistence — and most importantly, discipline — almost always pays off. Still, wouldn’t we all appreciate an accurate forecast as to when we can expect results from our blogging efforts?

Well, sure. But here’s the thing about forecasts: They suggest that the end result is independent of your own efforts and are simply to be expected. Results are completely dependent on you.

An excellent article was published recently on HubSpot entitled “How Long Until You See Results From Blogging?”  I recommend you read the whole article where John Bonini highlights the factors that will determine your timeframe for success with blogging.

If you don’t have your own blog yet you can get a money making blog set up free here.

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