beginner bloggerIf you are a beginner blogger it will really help you to get off on the right foot and avoid the common blogging mistakes that many beginners do make.

People are quick to deem blogging as a no-brainer job. But when they actually sit down to write their first couple of posts, it hits them: This is way harder than I thought. Like any person starting a new job, they mess things up.

I came across a great article that points out the 12 most common beginner blogging mistakes and it also provides tips on how to avoid them.  In other words a fantastic road map to ensure you make the best use of your time when posting on your blog.

You can find the original article entitled “12 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make” here.

We hope you’ll use this list of mistakes as fuel for the fire to step up your blogging game. After all, the benefits of keeping up a healthy business blog will be well worth the time and effort.





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