Without having to spend any money at all, one of the best things that Internet marketing newbies can do for their Internet business is set up a blog and post content on it every day. You can easily get a blog up and running in five minutes or less by using http://blogger.com/.

Actually setting up the blog is not the problem. For those who are new to internet marketing, a sense that they lack the knowledge or expertise to write blog posts appears to be the problem they face. This article shows you that the internet marketing newbie can contribute useful and valuable content.

Internet marketing newbies consider their lack of knowledge to be a big liability, when in fact this can actually be their biggest asset when they write their blog posts. Stop for a moment and think about what you do when you don’t know about something. You start researching to find out or ask questions or search online or read books. These actions are what you need to do in order to write useful and informative blog posts.

You may be thinking “where can I ask questions?” You can post the question on your blog or join forums related to your topic and post questions for other members to respond to. This will set up a conversation and provide information for you to post on your blog. While you are in the forums read the other posts and these will also provide you with inspiration.

Keeping abreast of new developments by reading and subscribing to newsletters as well as joining a few forums as this will always provide you with interesting information to blog about.

Another way to provide informative posts is to write about things you have just learnt yourself. The internet marketing journey is an ongoing learning experience and will provide you with lots of topics to post about. You can relate your internet marketing journey on your blog and help others by posting about how you overcame challenges.

When you post about your experiences you will be offering helpful and interesting content that a lot of people will find useful. You will also be conveying something of your personality to your readers. If you come over as genuine, warm and friendly, then people will learn to like you, and your blog narrative will provide them with a useful framework to measure their own progress.

There is nothing to be afraid of being a beginner who knows nothing and has nothing to write about. Rather turn your own situation to your advantage and make it the chief source of your blog content. You will very quickly turn yourself from an Internet marketing newbie blogger to a blogging expert with a constant stream of topics to talk about.

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