Free blog imagesMany surfers will not find a blog full of text without images very appealing. In order to attract more readers to your blog it is a good idea to start uploading free blog images. Here we discuss some aspects of using free pictures on Internet marketing blogs.

You will already have realized the value of blogging if you are serious about your online home business. In case you need reminding, if you host your own blog then blogging is a great free way of adding fresh content to your website. A blog post can be as long or as short as you like and this will depend on how much time or inspiration you have, making it relatively easy to post something to your blog every day.

A blog that is full of wall-to-wall text without a single image to relieve the eye strain can be a big turn-off for a many a surfer. To attract more readers to your blog you can make it more appealing in the eye of the beholder by including high quality, relevant free blog pictures or other types of free blog images in your posts.

It is much more likely that a blog visitor will stop to read or at least skim your post if they have been attracted to your post by a compelling blog picture.

You now may be asking what kind of images Internet marketers should think about adding to their blogs to enhance their visibility.

Of course it depends on what you are discussing in a particular blog post. You will definitely want to make the extra effort to include a product image if you want to discuss an affiliate product. You should be able to get relevant free blog images from the affiliate tools page of the program.

A popular choice are “Product in a box” images, however, a simple banner will also be better than nothing.

An image of the book cover will greatly enhance the impact of the review of an ebook.

If you are writing a post about a particular website you may be able to swipe and add the website logo or even the Alexa traffic graph (if the website is popular enough).

As widgets are very popular you could blog about a helpful widget and add either the widget itself or a screen shot of the widget to your post.

Be sure to hyperlink the images so that it will take readers who click on it directly to the relevant site.

Let’s say you are running a series of related blog posts you could brand the series with a strong image at the start of each post to improve the topic recognition and sense of continuity among visitors to your blog. You could easily run a search on Google Images for “free blog pictures” or “free blog images” to find pictures that you are permitted to share on your blog..

For work-from-home bloggers who enjoy photography an option would be to upload your own photos if they can be related in some way to the theme of your business.

Don’t worry if you are not a photographer as you can always browse the Internet for photos that have been published under a Creative Commons license. A good place to begin your search is    Another 2 good sources of free blog images is MorgueFile and Find Icons.

Another reason why you should think about adding free blog images to your posts is to enhance the search engine optimization of each post you write. You can add an ALT tag as part of the image code and include the keywords for your post in the tag if they are relevant to the image as well as to the post!

Consider your free blog pictures as auxiliaries or outriders for your text. Bear in mind that the aim of an image is to enhance but not to dominate and to attract visitors to your blog post but not to keep them transfixed on the image. The main thing is still the message in the text itself.

If you are short for time do not give up posting to your blog just because you don’t have time to search for free blog images. It is more important that you post regularly rather than adding free blog pictures to all your posts and it is not necessary for shorts posts to have an image.

But, when you do have time adding free blog images to your posts is definitely a good thing to do to draw more eyes to your blog, but you also have to write well to finish the job your image started.

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