blog commentsIf you are new to Blogging it’s understandable that you would get really excited when you see people leaving comments on your posts. But are those genuine comments or are they comments left by spammers? Are you approving spam comments? It is hard to know what to do when you first get started.

In January I posted about “Which Blog Comments Should You Delete”  which provided useful information to help you determine whether the comments were legitimate or spam.

Taking this topic a step further I would like to share a very informative blog post written by Rosalind Gardner, who is a super affiliate and the author of the widely acclaimed e-book “The Super Affiliate Handbook”.

Rosalind’s post entitled “Are You Playing Nice With Blog Spammers?”  explains in simple terms how to identify spam comments.

You could be harming your own blog by approving spam comments and Rosalind warns:

 Do NOT approve or respond to their posts.

All they want is a link to their site from your blog, with the hope of increasing their blog’s ranking with Google.

However, allowing those links will eventually hurt your Google rankings because you are linking to ‘bad neighborhoods’, i.e. spammers.

Do NOT play nice with spammers.

Mark their comments as spam and teach Akismet how to filter comments on your blog.

If you are unsure of how to handle your blog comments I highly recommend you take heed of Rosalind’s advice here.  


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