Tips for blog marketingBlog marketing is something that many bloggers do not understand. If you are going to operate a blog that you want to make money on you need to promote it. Here are a few proven tips for blog marketing you can follow.

1. Host your own blog. Avoid using free blogging platforms such as Blogger if you plan on developing a large blog.

The primary reason for this is with the free platforms those can be cancelled at any time. When this happens you lose all the work you’ve put into your blog.

You also want to be able to choose a domain name that relates to the theme of your blog. You can’t do this when you have the word “blogspot” in the URL.  Blue Host is an ideal hosting platform and they offer a free domain name too.

2. Use a professional template. You can get a free WordPress template and use it or purchase one. There are plenty of professional looking templates that will enhance your credibility.

3. Add the Google site map plug-in. This makes it easier for Google to spider your blog which will help it rank better.

4. Targeted a different keyword phrase for each blog post. This is one of the most important tips for blog marketing.  Formulate your blog articles around a specific keyword phrase which can help your search engine rankings.

5. Request comments.  One of the great things about blogging is how interactive it is. 

When people are commenting about blog articles you’ve written you are getting them involved in the discussion. This can lead to repeat traffic as well as viral marketing.

6. RSS Feed button. Get your RSS feed button at the top of your blog where it can be found.  Developing a large list of subscribers can lead to a tremendous amount of repeats blog visitors.

7. Post consistently. One of the worst things you can do is let your blog go dormant.  With all of the automation tools available today you can set up a series of posts in advance if you’re not positive you’ll make it back to your blog to regularly add fresh content.

8. Social directories. Use a submission service such as Social Marker or Only Wire to submit your blog URLs online where search engines can find them.

9. Email marketing.  When you have something you want to promote to your email list do a blog post about it. 

Then send out an email to your subscribers and refer them back to the new blog URL that you have created. This is a good way to get more people coming to your blog.

These are several proven tips for blog marketing. Blogging can be fun and profitable when you put a little effort into marketing your blog as well.

If you need help with marketing your blog visit the Affiliate Power Group, an internet marketing mentoring group, where you can follow the proven plan to drive traffic to your blog as well as interact and ask questions with the mentors in the forum.

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