increase blog exposureMany people immediately envision traffic generation techniques when they think of increasing blog exposure. It is the actual blog post itself that plays a significant role in how much exposure it gets from outside sources such as being referenced on other blogs, social sharing and gaining a loyal readership. Let’s have a look now at ways you can maximize the potential of every blog post you publish.

– The Power of your title must never be underestimated

The title of a blog post is one thing which will make or break the success of your post. It is the title that gives the first impression. The title is the first thing people see when they either subscribe to your RSS feed, find it through the search engine results of see the title on social media. It must be compelling in order to be effective. Also you should think about its search engine optimization value as well.

– It pays to invest in a quality blog design

It may surprise you to discover how much the design of your blog affects how people interact with it. You do not need to spend a lot of money revamping the look of your blog every year, but you should stay current on design trends. An easy way to make sure your blog always feels up-to-date is by using a minimalist design because there are very few elements to alter when needed. The design of your blog is important because if potential followers see an out of date blog, they often assume that the content is out of date without even reading it.

– Make use of images

You should always include at least one image regardless of how long or short a blog post is. The benefits of using images include: search engine optimization value; they generate social shares from sites like Pinterest; they boost engagement on traditional social media sites and; most importantly they draw readers in.

– Focus on high quality content

There is nothing that will give you more exposure for your blog posts than consistently producing high quality content. By taking advantage of outside experts who are willing to contribute content will increase exposure even more. This will open the door to a targeted audience which you may otherwise find it difficult to connect with. Also quality content increases your odds of having a blog post included in recommended reading lists and “list posts”, such as weekly link roundups compiled by other bloggers.

– Don’t forget about your call to action

Many Internet marketers think including a call to action on a blog post solely as a conversion tool. Not only does it boost conversions such as opt-ins, but it also gets readers interested in what you are saying. When someone opts-in to your newsletter and finds the information valuable they are more likely to read each blog post. Also the more blog posts they read, the likelihood increases that they will share it with others. The number one way to consistently get exposure for each blog post is through avid fans.

– Pay attention to formatting

A poorly formatted blog post is a fast way to persuade a reader to stop reading. Most people will automatically look elsewhere for the information they desire if your post is not visually appealing and easy to read. Things to focus on include: adequate spacing between lines: an easy to read font; bullet points to break up content and; sub headings. Getting more exposure for your blog post requires a combination of preparation and execution, it rarely happens by accident.

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