backlink building tipsThe World Wide Web is made up of links that connect to each other. Getting links pointing to your website is one of the keys to being successful online. Here are a handful of backlink building tips that you can follow to increase the number of links you have pointing back to your site.

1. Think viral. One of the best ways to rapidly increase the number of links you get pointing back to your site is to create marketing materials that go viral.

When other people are referring your video, your article, and your e-book, and so on, you can develop a large number of backlinks very quickly.

2. Article marketing. Develop unique articles and get them published in as many article directories as possible.

Submit Your Article provides an excellent article submission service with a unique twist. They have a patented article leverage program that lets you develop unique versions of your article before they are submitted.

The search engines appreciate fresh content, and so do all of the article directories. The more articles you have online the more potential links you can get from them.

3. Publish a blog. Search engines love blogs because of the fresh content they provide.

You can take your blogging a step further than most people and bookmark every blog post you make. These bookmarks end up in social directories that search engines will find and come back to your site from a link in them.

4. Press Release. This is an underused tool by most Internet marketers.

If you have something new happening in your business a press release is a good way to tell the world about it. It is also an excellent way to get traffic from backlinks.

5. EDU and .Gov sites. These are high quality backlinks and only take a little bit of effort on your part to get. You can even hire somebody at to get them for you.

6. Elbow grease. If you are willing to get down to work there are many different ways you can generate backlinks that are often overlooked.

Some of these include Yahoo Answers, Google Groups, Digg, Squidoo, and many more. Build hub pages and add links back to your site on them.

Blog commenting is another easy one. Subscribe to Google Alerts to get blogs to post comments on.

There really is no shortage of ways to build backlinks on the Internet today. These 6 backlink building tips are more than enough to keep you busy and generate fantastic results.

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