The secret to a successful online home business is getting lots of targeted visitors to view your web site on a daily basis. So marketing your home business online is what you will spend most of your time doing once you have everything set up.

Firstly the most important thing is to choose your keywords carefully and optimize your website for the search engines by placing the keywords in strategic positions on your website.

The internet consists of millions of links and the more links that point to your website the higher up in the search engine results your website will appear. This will result in your site receiving free targeted traffic from the search engines. This is an enviable position to be in.

Having selected your keywords then you can embark on a back-link building marketing strategy. There are many ways to build back-links to your site, both free and paid.

Here are just a few of the free back-linking methods that are highly effective in achieving top search engine positions to get your started.

Article Marketing is very effective and by linking back to your website with your keywords in the resource box will provide back-links to your site as your articles spread across the internet.

Forum marketing is a popular way to brand yourself as an expert in your field and build back-links at the same time. Using your signature you can hyperlink your keywords to your website and every time you make a post in a forum you will be creating a back-link.

Commenting on posts on other people’s blogs is another way to create back-links as is social bookmarking and submitting your website to the online directories.

When you first start marketing your online home business it is advisable to master one internet marketing method and then move on to the next one. Your goal is to build thousands and thousands of back-links to your website and by consistently implementing the above methods on a daily basis you will soon achieve top search engine rankings and benefit from free targeted traffic.

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