More and more people are turning to the internet to make money because there are so many proven ways to earn extra income online. Some of these methods are low-cost or virtually free to begin and some do have some costs involved if you want to be effective.

Here are a few methods that are not only proven but are possible for almost anyone to succeed in if they have the time and discipline to give to them.

– Affiliate marketing – or “bum” marketing- is a free method that has made many people a lot of money for their efforts. Basically this type of marketing involves writing articles that promote products of services for other companies, businesses or websites. You don’t need your own website to do this.

You can purchase programs that provide training in this (recommended but some are better than others so beware) but it’s not necessary. It’s important to find a good niche with products or services that are profitable and have high viewer interest. Once you do that you write loads of articles and/or reviews promoting them.

– You can set up your own online mini-sites and promote your own products or affiliate products. There are those who easily make in excess of $100 per site per month doing this.

There is a cost to this as you’ll need to purchase for each site a domain name and web hosting and have a site built for you. However there are companies that provide these services at reasonable prices. The cost/reward can definitely be worth it if you have high in-demand products to market.

– If you have your own informational product to sell – such as an ebook or any types of reports – they are very easy and cheap to produce and to sell online. Typically they are saved to a PDF file and distributed that way.

For those not quite talented enough to write on their own you can outsource a ghostwriter or can concentrate on writing Private Label Rights products. Again with the right and timely material there is a ton of money to be made this way as the general public has become very accepting of purchasing method.

– Finally – pursuing a multi level marketing (MLM) business online has made this type of business easier than ever before. Inventory and shipping of products is virtually unnecessary with the new MLM business models and most – if not al l- of the administrative aspects are done online.

For most companies the entire MLM business in general can literally be done online with the exception of phone calls when necessary. Cultivating leads via the internet has never been easier as more and more people are looking for these types of businesses. In many cases leads can even be purchased.

These are just 4 ways that the average person can earn extra income online. Most are relatively simple to learn and develop but like anything worth pursuing time and effort will be necessary.

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