earn extra income You’ve probably read a lot of articles based on the theme of earning extra income. However few actually give you detailed information on how you can really get wealthy doing it. This article gives 4 examples of opportunities to earn extra income and grow rich using the Internet.

1. Auto blogging. It is possible to set up blogs every day of the week and do it on a part-time schedule. With auto blogging the key to creating wealth with this is to focus on a long-term goal of having hundreds of blogs running on autopilot.

You are probably wondering if this is true or not. Many Internet Marketers today have hundreds and even thousands of blogs that are earning them a small amount of money every day.

As an example you would be earning over $30,000 a month if you have 1000 blogs earning you $1 a day. This kind of money of course goes way beyond a part time income.

2. Network marketing in multiple mlm businesses. One of the real benefits a network marketing business offers is getting paid on the efforts of others.

It is possible now to be in more than one MLM business at a time. Thanks to the internet it is possible for you to do niche network marketing in multiple MLM businesses at one time.

You can build downlines of thousands of people in numerous opportunities and really grow rich. It is possible because you can automate most of your business building requirements.

3. Set up your own affiliate program. Think about whether you would rather make money selling affiliate products by yourself or get paid on the sales of thousands of affiliates underneath you.

To start and create a successful affiliate marketing program certainly takes work. The great thing about this is as you develop a sales force of thousands of affiliates your income grows every day even when you are not making sales yourself.

4. Create membership sites. Begin by developing one membership site in a niche that you have an interest in. To automate as much of your business as you possibly can use membership software.

You can add a second membership site and continue to repeat this process once you have one site generating a profit. It is true that there are Internet marketers making millions of dollars a year in residual income because they own numerous membership businesses.

These are several examples of how you can earn extra income and actually grow rich. Developing more than one opportunity into several full time income streams is the key. This can be achieved by starting on a part-time basis, automating your business and continuing to do what is already working.

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