Many of the top ways to earn extra income on the Internet are not that different from online opportunities. With millions of people looking online everyday it only makes sense to tap into the potential of the internet.

Perhaps the best word to describe utilizing the internet for income possibilities is “efficiency”. Funk and Wagnall’s dictionary defines efficiency this way: “The ratio of work done or energy expended to the energy supplied in the form of food or fuel”. You could add “or money” to the end of that sentence.

Now you can sit at your computer at home and make extra money doing things that used to take a lot of time and energy:

From going to part time jobs to setting up for garage sales to going all over the place trying to market your products, selling stuff online has become a huge income maker for millions of people.

No longer do you have to drag out a bunch of things on the week end and sit in your garage waiting for just the right person to drive by and buy them.

Utilizing sites like eBay and Craigslist have definitely become top ways to earn extra income on the internet. What started out as a sort of part time garage sale for many people have now become ways to continually make large amounts of money.

The key is to locate products in demand and then sell them. However, since the world is your marketplace some of the odd things around your house will probably also sell eventually. The most successful people know the value of adding descriptions and good pictures of what they are selling.

With eBay you’re auctioning your stuff to the world. There will be shipping costs. With Craigs list you are basically selling to interested buyers in a specific region. People will typically meet at a predetermined site for pick up or come to your house.

If you don’t have items to sell or don’t want to go that route you can sell your knowledge through blogging. By writing on the subject you have expertise in you can create income from that. A blog site can be quickly set up for very little money.

Successful bloggers are those that are prolific writers. They are constantly adding fresh content to their blog. The more creative and informative the blog articles are the more traffic will be driven to their site.

Once you begin to get a following you can begin to sell relative products on your site. You can join Google Adsense as an affiliate for products that match the theme of your blog.

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