To earn money on the Internet there are two things you need to focus on. By focusing on these two things consistently, and if you strive to work at doing them better, you will earn money on the Internet, and you will make increasing amounts of it.

The two things you need to focus on are traffic generation and conversion. It is the number of people that you get to visit your website and how many of those people you can convert into subscribers and customers.

You need to generate the right kind of traffic, so your marketing efforts need to be niche-focused. Find out where your customers are and draw them or drive them to your website. Once they arrive on your site you need to persuade them to take action. Ideally, you want to purchase from your site or persuade them to join your mailing list so that you sell to them on the backend in your e-mail newsletter.

In this article we’ll look at some quick traffic generation and conversion tips.

Traffic Generation Tips

1. Set up a blog and make regular posts to it and learn about link baiting as a way to attract readers.

2. Regularly write articles on subjects related to your niche market and submit them to the main online directories such as,, and other big directories.

3. Every time you post an article, bookmark it on a social bookmarking site that will not penalise you for promoting your own content.

4. Become a member of some of the traffic exchanges, buy some credits or get into the habit of clicking regularly to generate credits on these sites and use the credits to promote your site. Join a few traffic exchanges and you can open them in separate tabs on your browser and earn credits faster by working them at the same time.

5. Start video marketing and make a three-minute video clip and post it on YouTube. You could provide traffic generating tips in your video and once you have successfully uploaded one video, you can start to make a whole series of them.

6. Participate in forums that deal with your area of business. Join in the forum discussions, post useful content and include your website link as a signature file.

7. makes it very easy to build a page about your business – or a page for each product you sell.

8. Send targeted traffic to your site by learning how to use pay per click advertising on Google, or Facebook, or other PPC sites.

Let’s now have a look at some traffic conversion tips.

Traffic Conversion Tips

1. Ensure your web pages download quickly as people do not like to be kept waiting. If you are advertising your business on PPC sites or traffic exchanges, set up a “squeeze page” which simply offers your free report in exchange for the prospects name and e-mail address. You will find that this will work better than sending prospects straight to your sales page.

2. Bear it mind that it is the words you use that sell your products, so pay a lot of attention to what you say on your website. Rather than trying to sell, present yourself as a provider of useful information. Communicate directly to your visitors, use the word “you” and don’t hide behind jargon. If you write product reviews, or newsy and informative articles then you will not appear to be selling directly. People go online to search for information, not to be sold to, so keep your web copy editorial in style, but make it lively and compelling to read and you will be more likely to achieve a higher click through rate on the link to the product sales page, and a higher percentage of sales from the people who click through.

3. Offer a unique free report on a subject that is of immediate concern to your intended customers. Inform your prospects they can access the free report by giving you their name and e-mail address so that you can add them to your mailing list and can send it to them.

4. Ensure that you continue to provide your customers with useful information via e-mail. Your aim is to establish yourself as an expert in your field, whose opinion is both welcomed and trusted. That way, when you make a recommendation for a product, you are much more likely to get the response you want and make the sale.

Lastly, be sure to track and monitor everything you do when generating traffic and seeking to convert it. By keeping track of what you are doing, you will be able to correct your mistakes, discover what works best for you, and improve on it as you go.

Use these traffic generation and conversion tips to improve your performance in both those areas and you will earn money on the internet.

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