One of the best ways of generating repeat sales from your list is by running an e-mail auto responder campaign. Today we discuss some tips on running an effective e-mail auto responder campaign.

The power of your e-mail auto responder to pull in sales is one area of Internet selling that people setting up a business website under estimate. Let’s look at three possible reasons for that:

1. A lot of people focus on their website, its appearance, how much traffic it gets, and what is written on it. As it is visible to all, your website is like your shop window.

2. To many running an e-mail campaign seems difficult and less glamorous than making website sales. Plus it involves the expense of investing in an e-mail auto responder.

3. Some people doubt that their e-mails will be read and worry about being accused of spamming.

I am sure you have heard what any truly successful Internet marketer will tell you, and that is: “the money is in the list”. This means that you will most likely make more money off the back of a well-run e-mail auto responder campaign than you will through direct sales from your website.

You are keeping your name and your products in front of your list of subscribers by keeping them updated with news, reviews, and useful information about your niche market. Internet Marketing experts will tell you that it is much easier to make money through repeat sales than it is to generate the first sale from any customer. It is through regular contact via e-mail that the majority of repeat sales are generated.

The message here then is don’t neglect your e-mail auto responder campaign. Once you understand the power of this marketing technique, you will realise that investing in a professional auto responder service (such as GetResponse or Aweber) makes good business sense.

To protect you from accusations of spamming a professional auto responder service will operate a “double opt in” system. This means that when someone subscribes to your newsletter, they will then be requested to confirm that subscription before being added to your mailing list.

Remember too that a professional e-mail marketing service works hard to ensure high delivery rates for your e-mail rollouts. You can plan your marketing strategy in advance as you can also set up your auto responder with a whole series of newsletters.

What kind of tone should your e-mail messages adopt for best results? It does not mean you have carte blanche to sell to your subscribers just because they gave you permission to contact them by email.. A great way to get people to unsubscribe from your list is by sending sales letter after sales letter.

The key is to chat with your subscribers in a manner that is friendly, full of empathy, while at the same time offering them useful information, ideally information that they would not find elsewhere rather than talking at or over your readers. Focus on sending them useful tips, and as you don’t always have to be selling something of your own, don’t be afraid to link out to other products and services you think they might enjoy or benefit from.

Always include a link back to your website as part of a compelling signature file at the foot of every e-mail you send out.

Be sure to write everything from the perspective of your subscribers. Come out to them from their own point of view. Let them know that you are like them, and that you like them. Do not use hyped-up language, especially in the title of the e-mail. If words like “Free”, “Buy”, “Profit”, “New” and so on appear in the title, your e-mail is more likely to get diverted to the spam box where it will never be seen, opened, or read.

Without revealing everything, rather give your title a personal touch and you may find your e-mails are being opened by more of your subscribers.

The two top priorities then are getting your e-mails delivered and opened. Keep your message relatively short, stimulating and focused on a single subject. These are the keys to success with an e-mail auto responder marketing campaign.

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