way to earn money onlineQuite a number of people are coming online to start Internet businesses that do have money to spend. However what they lack is Internet marketing skills and many of them do not have the time to spend building an online business.

Perhaps this describes you!  If so then read on for a very lucrative way to earn money online if you have money to spend.

Marketers have made money using direct mail for many years and businesses have used this method to keep their name in front of people on a consistent basis. You can still use a strategy similar to this when you do email marketing.

A very popular way to earn money online today if you have money to spend but lack time or Internet marketing skills is email marketing.

A quick way to earn money online with email marketing is to purchase co-registration leads and import them into an autoresponder. Often the lead company will recommend an autoresponder and even import the leads for you.

You don’t need to have experience to buy leads, but it does take some experience to sell to the leads in your mailing list.  So this is where you can spend a little bit of money on outsourcing.

To begin with outsource the task of creating email follow-up messages to a writer. You can have them create as many messages as you want, e.g. they could write 200 word messages and create 100 for you to start with.

Then you could set your autoresponder messages to go out every 3-4 days and this would give you one year of content on your initial setup.

So what do you have them write about and what are you selling?

You can go in a couple of different directions with this if you do not have a product of your own to sell. Investigate affiliate programs to find products to promote for free, is one thing you can do.

And another thing you can do is find a good home business opportunity and just promote it to your subscribers. Later on you can also promote other things because once you build a large list you will always have those names and email addresses to make money selling to.

Another thing to consider is hiring a part-time virtual assistant. The assistant’s job is to reply to emails and to keep your mailing list up-to-date, plus they can also investigate products for you to sell.

If you have money to spend, email marketing is one strategy that could very well be the best way to earn money online.   In summary then, you could purchase co-registration leads, then sell products to your list and hire a virtual assistant to keep up with the emails as they come in.

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