Email marketingDeveloping a money making home business through email marketing is one of the smartest things you can do. It allows you to create mailing lists that become assets and income generation tools you would not otherwise have from your websites and blogs.

In this article I will give you a few of the reasons why email marketing continues to be a strong way to build a money making home business.

1. Build an opt in list of subscribers. These are people who agree to hear from you. They provide their name and email address and they have confirmed their intentions by clicking on a link provided in their inbox by an autoresponder company.

This is not spam email. These are people who legitimately are interested in hearing from you and are giving you permission to do so.

We all receive spam email on a consistent basis and it is very irritating. When people opt in to your list you can feel comfortable in knowing that if you handle them properly in the future they can be potential customers for you.

2. Purchase co-registration leads. This is a fast way to jump start a list in any niche. You let a lead company build your list for you.

Once you have the names and email addresses of these people you follow up with them via an auto responder. Your goal is to establish a relationship with them so they trust you and will purchase products from you.

3. Add a sign-up form to your email list on your home page. Actually you want to add a sign-up form to every web page you have if you want to build your list faster.

If you are blogging you can put your sign-up form at the top of either your right or left hand sidebar so it shows up on every blog post automatically.

4. Create a unique offer that would make a person want to join your list. Common examples of this include a free tips newsletter, an ebook, a valuable report, and so on. You can become an Internet spy and look at what other marketers are doing to come up with ideas of your own.

5. Develop a landing page and promote it in the marketing you do. For example, if you are doing article marketing you could have the link in your resource box lead to a landing page as opposed to your website.

The key to using email marketing as a money making home business is to work with your list. Get to know your subscribers as people and you can sell them products and earn money doing it.

Email marketing

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