You’ve no doubt heard all about the importance of building your list. A question that often arises is how often you should send emails to your list, but there really is no set answer to it.

Ideally you need to focus on building relationships and so initially you should base your email marketing on providing your subscribers with useful information. Should your subscribers not appreciate these types of emails then you don’t really want them on your list anyway.

Aim to get to know your subscribers as people and not just a name and email address. This is how you begin to brand yourself as a credible Internet marketer that they can trust.

By consistently providing helpful information is the only way you can do that. Try to make their life easier in some way by sending emails that offer a useful tip, contains a free ebook or report or even ‘how to’ articles or free internet income training.

Helpful information is not something you sell right away. When building their email marketing list many internet marketers make this common mistake.

If you expect people to stay subscribed to your list you can not spend the majority of your time selling to them.

A common fear that many new Internet marketers have is they are afraid that if they over email their list they will lose the subscribers they have.

Focus on building a quality list and providing useful information to your subscribers. When it is time to offer something for sale you will find that a certain percentage of people will buy from you. Don’t worry if some unsubscribe you probably didn’t want them on your list anyway.

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