Legit ways to make money onlineWhether you get paid or not is the bottom line on legit ways to make money online and as long as you are not scamming people there are many legit ways to make money on the internet.

Let’s have a look at the top ten legit ways to make money online.

1. Selling affiliate products is extremely popular.  You get paid commission by affiliate merchants to sell their products.

You will also be provided with websites and marketing materials to sell them with and you can find affiliate programs on just about any topic.

2. Start writing blog articles and make money writing blog articles for other bloggers.

This type of work is never boring because of the broad range of blogs on the market today and there is a never ending demand for blog articles.

3. You can join a MLM program and build a worldwide network marketing business very quickly thanks to the Internet. Also this is a good way to make money getting paid on the work of people in your downline.

4. Get involved in cost per action programs. By joining a CPA network you are paid for getting leads or getting your website visitors to perform a specific action such as downloading software.

5. Build a list and start email marketing. Once people know who you are, selling to a subscriber list is easier to do. Also you can build multiple lists in various niches and make money emailing to people as well.

6. Participate in Joint Ventures. A lot of Internet marketers enjoy working with other Internet marketers and creating products and selling them via a joint venture is a good way to do this.

7. Start setting up blogs. Thanks to quality blogging platforms such as Word Press this is easy to do and you can operate as many blogs as you want and make money monetizing them with various products.

8. Get paid to take online surveys. There are companies will pay you for your opinion, so you can participate in focus groups or just go online and complete short surveys around your own schedule.

9. Try Niche marketing where you can target specific niches and make money in various niches.  Then you can add affiliate products to a blog and set up niches around targeted themes to make as much money as you want.

10. Start selling information products. As people go online every day looking for information, then a good way to solve people’s problems and get paid for it is by selling info products such as digital ebooks from ClickBank.

All the above are legit ways to make money online today. Whilst many people choose to create multiple streams of income and do more than one of these ways, in the end it comes down to your own personal preference and how much money you want to make.

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