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Although there are many ways to earn extra income on the internet, some require a great deal of time, effort and money and can also yield enormous profits whilst others such as getting paid for taking online surveys are so easy that you can start right now.

A quick and easy way to earn extra income is by getting paid for taking surveys. Is it really worth the time and effort? Let’s find out.

A great benefit of taking online surveys in exchange for money is that anyone can do it, from seniors to teenagers. An obvious advantage is that you can get started immediately. Also you can take surveys from anywhere that you have an internet connection and at any time of the day or night. Some survey sites are free to join and others will charge you a once off fee to gain access to their survey database.

However, the real question is how much can you get paid for taking online surveys?

Online paid surveys have become more and more popular because you can earn extra income quickly. However, should you do decide to look into taking online surveys, bear in mind that searching for the best online survey companies may be tedious and time consuming and that some survey sites will charge you a fee.
Online Paid Suveys Crash Course
2 survey sites worth considering are Cash Crate, which is a free to join survey site and Maximum Paid Surveys.

However, before you get started, I recommend that you download the free Paid Surveys Crash Course which will teach you how to get paid taking online surveys.

After you have signed up for your chosen survey sites, remember to check your email frequently. Once you are chosen you will receive an email that asks you to complete the forms and gives you the website addresses of companies where you will provide comments. Then you start to earn as soon as you complete a task. Tasks could include filling out normal questionnaires, testing out food, watching a movie and reviewing it or other opinion based survey work.

What you get paid will vary but online survey participants generally get paid from $3 to $75 per survey.

For watching, reviewing and commenting on new movie trailers, you can expect to get paid $4 – $25 per hour.

If you participate in Focus Group Surveys you could get paid up to $150 per hour. Bear in mind that these surveys take place at a previously determined time and you must respond directly to companies via a chat-like system.

There are some phone surveys that pay up to $120 per hour.

If you choose to try and test products then you get to keep the product.

If you are looking for a way to earn extra income then getting paid for taking surveys is definitely worth considering.

Taking online surveys

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