earn extra incomeNot everybody wants to start their own home business to earn extra income, as running a business presents certain challenges to those who are not entrepreneurial by nature.

Many people turn to get paid to programs to earn extra income and these are programs that pay you to do specific actions such as type at home, take surveys, read emails and do data entry.

Here we look at 4 ways you can earn extra income with get paid to programs.

1. Companies will pay you to offer your opinion and so you can get paid to take surveys.

Because you control your own schedule, this is one of the most popular get paid to programs as you can work around what you have going on that specific week.

Cash4Offers and Cash Crate are popular programs you can join for free and you can access surveys to take via your private members area. 

How much money you make will vary from one survey to the next and many survey companies now pay via PayPal, which means you can get your money very quickly.  Here is a free ebook you can download called Paid Surveys Crash Course that will show you how to get paid taking online surveys.

2. Another option is to get paid to read email, where you can earn a few pennies for every email you read.

The majority of these companies are free to join, including Cash4Offers and they will send the emails directly to your inbox where you can then read them and earn money for doing that.

Another option is to refer people to read email and earn money on the emails that they read. A tip – the key is to join as many of these types of companies as possible so your inbox is always full of emails to read.

3. You can also get paid to do data entry, where companies that will pay you to do things such as place classified ads or type for them.

A lot of people prefer to join affiliate programs and promote their own products in places such as free classified ad directories. You can make money too by typing blog articles, in discussion forums or posting blog comments.

4. Refer people to survey programs and get paid. If you join the right type of programs you really can make a very good supplemental income.

Cash Crate will pay you to refer people to their program. You earn money when people your refer join the paid program or take surveys. This is a good way to develop a residual income as people you refer take paid surveys on an ongoing basis.

The above are 4 ways to earn extra income with get paid to programs. As many people do not want to start a business of their own get paid to programs are a good way to supplement your income around your own schedule.

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