how to earn extra incomeWhen you look at how to earn extra income today you have to consider using the Internet. Often times this means starting a home business of your own.

One problem many people face is they do not have a lot of money to get their home business started. Let me offer you a few ideas on how to earn extra income and do it on a small budget.

1. Join a network marketing company. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get started in multi-level marketing for under $100 such as My World Plus.

The benefit to this type of business is you are provided with everything you need to make money. The MLM Company provides the products, the marketing materials, and the training to learn how to run your business.

The unique MLM compensation plan allows you to earn extra income on not only your own sales, but on the sales of people in your downline. This makes network marketing one of the most popular ways to get started in a home business without spending a lot of money up front.

2. Become an affiliate marketer. Thousands of people do this every day because of the high number of affiliate programs you can join for free such as the Internet Marketing Center.

You may remember back in the 1990s when started one of the first affiliate programs. Today they are still one of the top affiliate programs on the Internet.

They offer a wide array of products including physical products and digital products you can sell. You can generally find something to sell in just about any niche that you want to get started in.

Another interesting affiliate program is They bring together digital information publishers and provide thousands of ebooks you can sell. There are many examples of people earning a five figure income or more selling digital information.

Another point to bring up is with affiliate marketing you can also get paid by the click or by getting leads for companies. Cost per action affiliate programs are an excellent way to make money.

Google Adsense continues to be the top pay per click affiliate program on the market today. You have probably seen Google ads on people’s websites. Every time one of those ads is clicked on the affiliate marketer earns money.

These are two of the best examples I can provide you on how to earn extra income on a small budget. Getting started is very easy in both of these business models and you do not need much money to do it.

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