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Due to the struggling world economy, many people who previously had secure jobs or enough retirement income are now in a situation where they need to find quick ways to earn extra money.

Thanks to the internet this is possible.  It is important though to keep in mind that whilst you can start earning immediately on the internet, newcomers to this type of marketplace many take a few months to learn enough to really be able to pull in significant profits.  Let’s have a look at some quick ways you can earn extra money online.

1.  Get paid for taking online surveys:

Whilst this is an extremely easy way to earn extra money online, it won’t make you rich and it will take some of your time. There are many survey sites out there but Maximum Paid Surveys is one of the legitimate ones and Cash Crate is a free to join survey site.  You can expect to spend from ten to thirty minutes on each survey and generally earn from about one to ten dollars per survey.

2.  Make blog posts and write articles:

You can get paid for your blog posts and your articles if you like writing and do it well. Associated Content and Helium are two sites that you can register with and they each pay you an amount which is based on how many views your articles receive. You can earn up to $200 if you can find a relatively obscure and interesting topic.  A lot more companies these days are trying to increase their presence on the internet and are looking for part-time bloggers. You can find some jobs like this posted at The Weblogs Guide is where you can find some jobs like this or you will find fresh writing jobs daily at Real Writing Jobs.

3.  Take photos and get paid for them:

Did you know that you can actually get paid online for taking simple photos of totally mundane things? When you submit your photos they end up as stock photography for blogs, websites, brochures, presentations and so on. The images that people are looking for and how much they will pay for them will probably amaze you. Ensure that you don’t include images of well known people, trademarked brands or copyrighted art. You just need to take a good quality photo and upload it to sites like Fotolia, ShutterStock, Dreamstime or iStockphoto.

These three suggestions above are quick ways to earn extra money online.

The following one is another quick way to earn extra money online but you will have to put in a little time and effort to set things up.

Set up your own blog:

You can start a free blog at Blogger.com based on something that you are interested in or have a passion for and know a lot about. You can add Google Adsense ads to your blog and you will get paid every time those ads are clicked on.

You could then further monetize your blog by joining affiliate programs to add products that are related to your theme or select some digital products from Clickbank and add banners and/or text links to your blog and get paid a commission for any products that are sold through your links.

Choose a subject that you like, write posts consistently and work at getting traffic to your blog in order to earn extra money.

These are just a few suggestions of the many ways to earn extra money online. Give them a try and then focus on the ones that fit your personality and schedule.

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