When I started my Online Home Business there were 3 ebooks that helped me tremendously to get my business off the ground and I still refer to them today.

The first one:

Dotcomology – The Science of Making Money Online (click to download)

This ebook is really a must have. Here you will find everything you need to start making money online including tools and software programs absolutely free!

The second one:

Google Adwords Made Easy (click to download)

Simple, fool-proof strategies you can use right away for Adwords success.

And thirdly:

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy (click to download)

Simple step-by-step search engine optimization strategies that I used to optimize my website.

You are welcome to go ahead and download them FREE – they are all pdf files so give them time to download and I hope you will benefit from them as much as I did.

You may wish to a take a peek at a set of videos which were and still are of tremendous value to me – especially the “HTML and how it works” video which has enabled me to make huge changes to my website – the Newbie Training Videos that I got free when I signed up for the Plug-in Profit Site and you can get them free too.

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