In the old days working from home probably meant babysitting, being an Avon distributor, or starting a home business. Today there are many work from home ideas that you can use to generate Internet income besides the ones we just talked about.

Here are five of them!

1. Start a blog of your own. This can be a lot of fun and a great way to make money working from home. One thing nice about starting your own blog is you get to determine what the theme of the blog is.

You do not need to be a professional writer to start a blog, but you do need to provide interesting and useful content. This is something you can learn to do.

The easiest way to make money working from home blogging is sell affiliate products on your blog. You can add Google Adsense to it and get paid when people click on one of your ads.

2. Another way to make money working from home blogging is to write blog articles for other Internet marketers. There is a very big demand for this right now and that is only going to increase. You can make a good part time income or even go full time if you want.

3. You could start an online business and sell products on a website. Affiliate marketing is a good way to find products to sell without creating your own.

However selling information products is another popular way to start an Internet business. You can also develop your own products and sell them and make even more money.

4. Some people make money doing email marketing. You really don’t need a website if you do this.

You do need a list of people to mail to and products to sell them. As you develop your own list this can be a tremendous long term income stream. Learning the skills to work from home as an email marketer can set you up to work part time and make full-time money.

5. Start a service business of some type and freelance your work for other Internet marketers. For example a virtual assistant is in demand and many Internet marketers will hire them to work for them full time. You do the same sorts of things you would have done in an offline traditional job such as answer the phone and type except you just stay at home.

These are five work from home ideas to generate Internet income. You can take a little time to research the Internet to find even more. The exciting thing is you can do one or more of these and make as much money as you need.

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