Get Your Content, Blogs, Podcasts & Video Delivered to The Tens of Millions of Google Desktop Users Instantly and Efficiently… Google eLert Gadget is Launched

After nearly a year of development , I’m extremely proud to announce that you can now get your message delivered to the tens of millions of Google Desktop Users instantly and efficiently… and start making money again.

Google eLert Gadget is Launched……

Whatever happened to the ‘good ol’ days?

The fantastically profitable days when an email promo was worth its weight in gold; the days where a person could send out a promo then sit back and watch the visitors flock in…

The problems associated with spam, junk and unwanted advertising are finally, painfully suffocating this method of communication … indeed I firmly believe that email is dying, in fact many would argue that it’s already dead!

Long live Google eLert Gadget…a revolution in communication, the new way to deliver newsletters, product launch alerts, event notifications, meetings and generally just about any important information directly to the millions of Google Desktops…

The fast, reliable, efficient, hassle-free hotline right to the desktop and using it is simplicity itself…

Now, with the Launch of Google eLert Gadget, Webmasters, Authors and Publishers of essential information are able to communicate instantly and efficiently with Google Desktop Users – and relive the best of times when getting your message out was just a few clicks of a mouse.

Publish Your Communications, News and Alerts Through Google Desktop

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