July has been a month full of surprises for me which made me really appreciate the benefits of working from home with my own online home based business and not having to report to a boss.

I was scheduled for my annual bone density scan and mammogram, which had I been in a normal job would have required that I request time off twice for these two appointments.

But, early in the month I developed an abscess in one of my teeth which necessitated 3 appointments with the dentist to carry out root canal treatment. Here I would have had to ask my boss a further three times for time off.

My bone density scan results required that I go for a MRI scan on three of my vertebrae, so that would have been the sixth request in one month for time off!!!! I can just image how pleased the boss would have been!!!!!
There were two normal doctor’s appointments inbetween all these other appointments so the total amount of times I would have had to ask for time off would be eight!!

Add to the eight hours of appointments the travelling time – 30 minutes to the appointment and 30 minutes to travel back to work – that would be 16 hours off work in one month!

To occupy my mind while I lay in the tunnel of the MRI scanner I thought about all this and how fortunate I was to have my own online home business and not have to ask a boss for permission to go to the doctor, dentist or for an xray or anything for that matter.

Furthermore, because my home business is totally online and operates 24/7/365 I did not have to worry about it while I attended to the medical side of things. It was also really easy for me to catch up by working a couple of extra hours at home in the evening.

Being a conscientious worker, had I still been in a normal job this would have been all rather embarrassing as well as frustrating trying to catch up or make up the 16 hours.

By the time the MRI scan was complete I realised how fortunate I was to not have to worry about reporting to a boss and requesting time off and how glad I am that I have my own online home business and the freedom that one has working from home.

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