Online home based businessI have read many home based business tips over the years. The Internet makes it possible to find really good advice if you are willing to spend some time on research. 

Let me offer you 5 tips I have learned that can make the difference in succeeding or failing with your own online home based business.

1. Set a weekly work schedule. Most people start their own home business on a part time basis.  This is good because you can still have your full time income coming in to pay the bills.

It is very important to set down and schedule when you are going to work on building your business. It is too easy to get sidetracked with everything going on in your life, and if you don’t have a set schedule your business will suffer.

2. Build your own website. Most business opportunities provide a website for you. The problem with this is everyone is promoting the same site.

A better strategy is to get either a ready made customizable website, build your own website or have someone build it for you. Then you can customize it and make changes to it whenever you want. 

You will need to buy a domain name, and host your site somewhere. Blue Host and Host Gator are two good sources for this.

3. Build your own email list using a quality autoresponder. People will come to your website and leave every day. If you do not have a way to get in touch with them you have lost that traffic.

When you build an email list you have the person’s name and email address.  Then you can follow up over and over in the future. You can sell products and promote new opportunities whenever you have them available.

4. Reply to your emails. As you get busy it is easy to put off replying to emails you receive from customers or prospects.  This is something you should spend a little bit of time on every day as your best customers are those who have questions they want answered.

5. Spend 90% of your time on marketing. Once you have your website and email lists set up you should spend the majority of your time on advertising and marketing.

You only need to learn one or two good traffic generation methods to build a successful home based business. If you become very good at marketing your business on the internet in at least one way, you can always have plenty of website traffic and new customers.

These are five home based business tips that I feel everybody should follow.

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