at home business ideasThere are so many at home business ideas available that researching them can be overwhelming. What we will do in this article is try to zero in on five ways you can start a home business right away in affiliate marketing.

1. Join an affiliate marketing network. Some of the top ones to look at include ClickBank, Commission Junction, and Offer Vault.

The advantage to joining a network is it gives you access to multiple ways to make money with affiliate marketing. This would include getting paid by the sale, cost per action, and pay per lead programs.

2. Join a specific affiliate program. There are many programs that are not as widely known as some of the networks.

Many times these are great places to make money with not as much competition. For example, you can Google search your primary keyword phrase relating to what you want to sell followed by the word affiliate program.

An example of this would be Google searching: salmon fishing in Alaska “affiliate program”. This will bring up results that you can begin to look through and find profitable affiliate products to sell.

3. Join a two-tier affiliate program. There are many affiliate programs that will pay you to make sales as well as recruit affiliates and help them make sales.

Of course you make more money on your personal sales, but you also make a nice commission on the sales of people you recruit. If you’d like to get paid on the efforts of others in the affiliate marketing business model this is the way to go about it.

4. Join instant pay affiliate programs. You will need a PayPal account to do this.

There are affiliate programs such as Pay Spree or Wacky Wednesday that will pay you to sell products for them. The difference is you promote your PayPal URL and the money is deposited directly into your PayPal account.

The nice thing about this is you do not have to wait for your commissions. If you are the type of person who likes to get paid right away for the work you are doing these are the type of programs to do it with.

5. Monetize a WordPress blog with Google Adsense. This is a popular at home business idea that you see people do all the time.

The thing here is you focus on adding content to your blog and creating a lot of pages. Each blog post is monetized with Google ads. Setting this up is not hard to do.

You have just read 5 at home business ideas using the affiliate marketing business model. Ultimately you will probably do more than one of these which is great for your business.

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