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If you really wanted to break it down you could probably come up with hundreds of ideas for home business opportunities you could start today.  We are going to analyze six of them in this article.

1. Join an affiliate program. Many people start this way and for good reason.

There is no cost to join an affiliate program. The merchant gives you a website and products to sell. They even give you marketing materials to promote with. 

There are plenty of free discussion forums you can join to learn more about affiliate marketing. There are also many excellent paid membership sites and coaching programs you can join as well.

2. Provide a service. This could include setting up blogs for people. You could do article marketing such as writing and submitting articles for other Internet marketers.

You could become a virtual assistant. You could build websites. You can even design graphics if you enjoy that. 

There are many things an Internet marketer will pay you to do for them if they do not know how, or do not have time to do it themselves.

3. Start your own blog. This can be a lot of fun and easy to monetize. You could start with which is free and owned by Google. 

You could then join the Google Adsense affiliate program and place ads on your blog. If you develop your blog into an authority blog you could earn you a full-time income in your home business.

4. Create digital information products that solve problems. People continue to surf the Internet looking for answers to questions they have.

Often this includes problems that need to be solved. Digital information is a good product to sell because it can be instantly downloaded. You could write reports and sell them and make money. 

You could even write ebooks and sell them on websites such as ClickBank. ClickBank also has affiliates that could sell your ebooks for you earning you even more money.

5. Flipping blogs is amongst the most popular ideas for home business. Build blogs specifically for the purpose of turning around and selling them. You can also buy existing blogs, fix them up, and flip them much like people do in the real estate business. The same thing is true for flipping websites if you want to make money that way.

6. Start a membership site. If you have specific knowledge of something you can turn that into a membership site and make money selling memberships. This can be an excellent source of residual income as well.

These are six ideas for home business you could start today. All of these can be very lucrative and run 100% online.

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